Using a Spyware App to Control Children

This being the 21st century, technology has made it that much harder for parents to protect their children, but a spyware app can help ease the task significantly. There is no telling what your kids are exposed to on their gadgets which they appear to love so much.

Why You Should Install a Spyware App on Your Child’s Phone

It is an undeniable fact that the average child spends hours every day glued to their phone or other device. What the child can be exposed to in those hours can cause a lot of damage. Even if nothing terrible happens, the sheer amount of time that your child spends on the devices can accumulate to a lot of time wasted. Thankfully however, there is spy software that can be used to monitor your child’s activities on the phone. Here is all you need to know about the wonderful software.

What is a Spyware App?

>Where Should You Use Spyware Apps

A spyware app is a kind of software that discreetly monitors someone’s activity on their smartphone. The app can be installed remotely on the target phone and disguised so that the user remains none the wiser about its installation. Besides allowing you access to data, the spyware app can also be used to block certain applications as well as to limit the amount of time spent on various apps. Spyware is a Godsend for many parents who are concerned about the effects of too much exposure to smartphones to their children.

Who Uses a Spyware App for Children?

Any parent who is concerned about the welfare of their children can use a spyware app to keep them safe. There is no denying that the dangers that children face nowadays thanks to technology are many and real. A few decades ago, phones were used for nothing more than making calls. Today, they are truly mini- computers. From playing games to accessing social media sites to even the usual communication functions, there is little that these phones can’t achieve.

But with their versatility come a lot of dangers. Cyber- bullies and child- predators lurk in the chat rooms that young, innocent children willingly expose themselves to. Children may get into undesirable relations with adults and this could have negative consequences. Sometimes, children may be encouraged, or even coerced into sending inappropriate pictures of themselves on various sites.

Don’t forget the danger of getting brainwashed that your children may be exposed to. It could be through their phones that children first see drug abuse being glorified, and this can form a wrong impression about drugs in their impressionable minds.

As a parent, you may have tried reasoning with your child on why certain websites and applications must not be used. If your advice fell on deaf ears, then you might have no option but to use spyware on your child’s device. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Where Should You Use Spyware Apps?

Spyware apps can be used to monitor virtually every activity carried out on the target phone. However, there are certain applications that should be given priority over others. These include the following:

  • Messaging Apps

The need to monitor messages that your child sends and receives is rather self- evident: you want to ensure that they are communicating with the right people and doing so safely. A spyware app will monitor messages sent and received by SMS, Whatsapp or any other messaging app and send them to your PC whenever you need them.

  • In- App Purchases

The internet can be very tempting for shoppers, and your children are no exception. Often, they will make purchases using your credit cards and in the long run, this could add up to a lot of expenses. You should therefore use spyware to block their purchases. In the long term, this could save you plenty of money.

  • Social Media Activity

If there is one thing that parents need to be cautious about regarding children’s use of smartphones, it has to be social media use. On social media platforms, children are exposed to all sorts and manner of information and media. There is no telling what they may stumble upon. You should therefore use spyware to keep them in safe waters.

  • Games

Games can be addictive, and more so for children. It is not unusual for children to spend hours at a time deeply engrossed in some game or other. In order to get them to focus on other things, you can set a time limit for playing games on the spyware app after which they cannot play anymore.

Great Spyware for Kids

>Where Should You Use Spyware Apps

This application is exceedingly easy to install and use. It can be used to monitor a wide range of activities including texting, calling and even location tracking. It can be installed on both iOS and Android phones. The software reports 95% customer satisfaction, which is great by any standards.

  1. Hoverwatch

Perhaps the greatest pro for this spyware app Hoverwatch is its ability to monitor multiple applications at a go- from the call log to the messages and even the calendar. The app is also rather easy to use and can keep your child safe from the murky waters of the internet.

  1. mSpy

mSpyis yet another incredible spyware app that can help protect your child as they use their phone. The spyware monitors activities on the phone and sends data instantly to your online account. The app can be installed in a matter of minutes and is also relatively easy to use.

How to Install Spyware on your Child’s Phone

Installing a spyware app to your child’s phone need not be difficult. First, you will need to choose a specific spyware and the package that best suits your needs. Then you should make payment. The company will send you an email with detailed instructions and a download link. You will then register with the company by creating an account, download the software on your kid’s phone and then activate it using the code sent via email. You should then reboot the phone and configure the settings to fit your needs.

Although this is the standard installation process, there may be different instructions on certain software. In that case, it is exceedingly important that you follow the instructions from the email to the latter. Installation can take as little as five minutes, although you should set apart an hour in case you run into any difficulties. You can gain access to data in as little as thirty minutes, although sometimes this may take up to a few hours depending on the quality of data.

Features of the Application

Using a spyware app, you can gain access to data on various apps on the target phone, such as Whatsapp and SMS apps. You can also be able to tell the location of your child using the GPS features of the app. The app also allows you to block access to certain sites you consider harmful. With the app, you can even specify how much time your child can spend on certain apps, such as gaming apps.

Examples of Using the Software in Child- Monitoring

One of the greatest examples of using the spyware app to monitor your child’s activities is access to their call log. The application will let you know who your child called, or who called your child and when they called them and how many times they called. This will help you know the kind of company your child is keeping and whether or not it is good company.

Pros and Cons

One of the greatest pros of a spyware app is the protection it offers young children. It also offers parents incredible peace of mind knowing that their children are safe from the dangers of the internet. It also allows you to block content you find wanting, as well as to track your child’s location if need ever be.

On the downside, children may feel betrayed if they ever discover the spyware app on their phones. They may not only distrust their parents, but also dislike them regardless of the good intentions the parents had. Some children might be smart enough to uninstall the programs. Additionally, the spyware is not cheap and this is yet another great con.


Using a spyware on your child’s phone is definitely a good idea, especially if you suspect that they are getting exposed to harmful content. All you need to do is choose a good spyware app, install it discreetly and you are good to go.